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Founded in 1992, Socio Economic Development Association (SEDA) supports social development among women, children and neglected groups in Kanyakumari District particularly in Kalkulam, Vilavancode and Augesteeswaram Taluks. We concentrate Women Empowerment, SHG Development, Vocational Training, Sanitation, Handicrafts, Lace & Embroidery, Natural Fiber Crafts, Coconut based handicrafts and Agricultural based products. SEDA has also begun an active role in the provision of Micro credit facilities with the Cooperation of M/s. NMDFC and RMK. SEDA promotes the formation of SHGs and works with other NGOs and Government, NABARD and Banks.

  • To engage in social service activities aimed at improving the learning conditions and general welfare of the poor, particular villagers and other working people, as well as poor and indigent persons of whatever occupation irrespective of race, or creed.
  • For the betterment of the villagers and down – trodden poor people and unemployed youths in the society.
  • Empowering rural women though entrepreneurship to improve their economic livelihood.
  • To create a sense of social awareness and thus make them aware of the need for liberation from oppression of any kinds.
  • To communicate new ideas and concepts about social transformation among the people.
  • To create more employment opportunities for the landless laborers by giving vocational training.
  • To recruit, train and employ workers for the work of the association.
  • To organize the rural people into associations for discussions.
  • To start industries and to guide, help and encourage them in matters relating to sanitation ,education, family planning, insurance, savings, kitchen, gardening, etc.
Core Values
  • Empathize with the poor and uphold the inherent dignity of human life.
  • Work with the spirit of partnership and cooperation with NGOs, SHGs and other development organizations
  • Be innovative in our approach to finding sustainable solutions to development challenges.
  • Uphold the highest tenets of transparency and accountability.
  • Foster excellence and be the best in whatever we do.
  • Transparency.
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